The Fishing:
Anglers will fish onboard the Tight Lines with Captain Matt Reinemo and the Topspin with Captain Mike Schuster, with a maximum of 4 anglers onboard.  If another boat is necessary, it will be one of Nantucket’s finest light tackle and fly fishing boats run by one of the island’s top guides.  Both fly and spin fisherman are welcome.  We are well versed at maximizing fishing opportunities for both fly and spin anglers, and albies are fun on anything!

The Lodging:
Anglers will stay at 3 Pawguvet Lane.  It is a quintessential old-Nantucket beach house and cottage with plenty of character and an absolutely perfect location.  It is within easy walking distance of downtown Nantucket for dinner on your own or a few post-fishing libations.  For those of you who are of the opinion that three full days on a boat will not be quite enough fishing, some of the best striper spots on the island are an easy walk from the house.

The Food:
Breakfast will be provided daily at the house before going to the boats.  You need a real breakfast before heading out for a full day of fishing, and we will make sure you get it.  Capt. Matt’s breakfast burrito is a coveted favorite of those lucky enough to have had one, and there will be plenty on hand for Albiefest.  Add plenty of coffee, juice and pastries from our favorite local joints, including Downyflake Doughnuts, and you will be well-fueled for your day on the water.  Please let us know if you have any requests or requirements.

Lunch will be provided onboard the boats each day.  We will load the coolers with sandwiches and snacks, and please let us know if you have any requests or requirements.

Dinner on the first night will be a raw bar, chowder, and a grill going during the opening party.  (Bring your travel fly tying kits and spin a few flies with Matt and Mike after dinner).

Rather than presume what everybody wants or try to manufacture an option to try to please everybody, dinner on the middle night (or the two middle nights for the weekday session) will be on your own.  Nantucket is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and for some, a trip to the island wouldn’t be complete without sitting down to a truly world-class dinner.  The sky is the limit when it comes to fine dining on the island, and mid-September is perfect because the restaurants will all still be open, but unlike July or August, you will likely have no trouble getting a reservation.  Most of Nantucket’s restaurants are located downtown, an easy walk from the Pawguvet Lane house.

Or perhaps fine dining doesn’t play a role in your Nantucket fishing adventure and a quick sandwich before taking your rod back to the beach to try for some night-time stripers is more your style.  While you won’t find a McDonalds on the island, there are plenty of quick and cheap options, many of which are on Broad Street which is an easy walk from the house, with a few others available for delivery.  So whether your dinner preference is foie gras and caviar, a burrito on the go, or something in between, you will be covered.  Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions and offer any assistance necessary.

Water and an assortment of soft drinks will be provided at the house and onboard the boats, and we welcome requests and requirements.  Alcohol is not included, but anglers are more than welcome to provide their own.  If you prefer not to travel with it, that is fine as well.  We are more than happy to pick up whatever you like and have it at the house or in the cooler onboard the boat.

The Fine Print (though it is actually the same size because we are standup guys)

While the house is charming, the capacity is perfect, and the location absolutely can not be beat, it is definitely an old Nantucket beach house as opposed to the opulent mansion you are more likely to find on the island these days.  There is a main house and a cottage and ample outdoor space.  The main house’s only heat comes from fireplaces, and given the nature of the building we are unsure how effective they would be.  We do not expect this to even be an issue in the middle of September, but you should be aware that a chilly night is not outside the realm of possibility.  We will watch the weather closely and be prepared with plenty of blankets, but if the forecast has the temperature dropping significantly at night, a warm sleeping bag is not a bad idea.  The cottage has heating, so please let us know if the possibility of a chilly night does not sit well with you and we will make every attempt to place you in the cottage.

Given the nature of the event and the necessity of scheduling ahead of time, Albiefest will happen on the scheduled dates regardless of weather or other circumstances.  In the event of bad weather, we will do everything possible to get you on the water (if you would like to be).  Albies are often present in and around Nantucket harbor and fishing there is a strong wind is possible.  If the weather is not conducive to boating, we have 4x4s and we will drive you (likely to Great Point) in search of the fish.  It is the angler’s responsibility to get to Nantucket.  If anyone arrives late (due to weather or otherwise) we will try to accommodate them as best we can, but if we are already out fishing our options may be limited.  If it looks like the weather may disrupt your travel, getting to the island early is a good idea, and your responsibility.  No refund, (partial or full) will be granted for missed fishing due to weather or otherwise.

If a major weather event or act of God, (such as a hurricane) causes all or a portion of Albiefest to become unfeasible, a partial refund representing the fishing costs may be granted at the sole discretion of the organizers.  A portion of the costs is totally nonrefundable due to deposits and commitments necessary to organize the event.

Albiefest will only take place if enough anglers sign up.  Should Albiefest, or either session of Albiefest, not get enough participants it will be cancelled.  Should Albiefest be cancelled due to lack of participants, anybody who has signed up will receive a full refund of any and all deposits and payments.


These are preliminary itineraries for the two sessions.  While we do not anticipate many changes, the itineraries will remain flexible until a later date.  For instance we may move the Session 1 Clambake to the middle night if there are anglers who need to leave directly after fishing Monday.

Fishing Nantucket

with Captain Matt Reinemo

Space is Limited! 

To book your slot, call Capt. Matt at (508) 221-4272


Session 2

(Tuesday, September 20th - Saturday, September 24th)

Tuesday, September 20th

  • (Arrive on Nantucket anytime, let us know how we can be of assistance transportation-wise)

  • 3:30PM- Welcome Party- Rendezvous at the house at 3 Pawguvet Lane for a raw bar and dinner.  Be sure to pack your travel fly tying kit to spin tie up some flies with Matt and Mike to test over the next few days.

Wednesday, September 21st

  •     6:30- Breakfast at the house

  •     8AM-4PM- FISH! (eat some lunch too)

  •     4PM- Transported back to house at 3 Pawguvet

  •     Dinner on your own

Thursday, September 22nd

  • 7:30AM Breakfast at 3 Pawguvet (Sleep in, the tide isn’t until later)

  • 9AM-5PM- FISH! (lunch on the boat)

  • 3:30PM- Transported back to house.

  • Dinner on your own

Friday, September 23rd

  • 6:30AM- Breakfast at house  

  • 7:30AM-3:30PM- FISH! (lunch on the boat)

  • 3:30PM-Transported back to the house.

  • 4PM- Farewell Party including traditional New England Lobster dinner

Saturday, September 24th

  • Depart- (Must be packed and out of the house by 9:30AM)

Session 1
(Saturday, September 17th-Tuesday, September 20th)

Saturday, September 17th

  •     7:15AM- Arrive via Hy Line Cruises, get picked up and transported to boats with bags taken to the house at 3 Pawguvet Lane (departing 6:15 AM Hyannis- anglers are responsible for booking their own travel to and from Nantucket, and the early ferry will maximize the fishing day.  However, if it is necessary or preferable to get on a later ferry we anticipate being able to accommodate that with one boat getting a little later start)

  •     8AM-4PM- FISH! (eat some lunch too)

  •     4PM- Transported back to house at 3 Pawguvet

  •     5:30PM- There will be a welcome party at the house with a raw bar and dinner.  Be sure to bring your fly-tying travel kit to spin up a few with Matt and Mike for the next days’ fishing.

Sunday, September 18th​

  • 6:30AM Breakfast at 3 Pawguvet

  • 7:30AM-3:30PM- FISH! (lunch on the boat)

  • 3:30PM- Transported back to house.

Monday, September 19th

  • 6:30AM- Breakfast at house

  • 7:30AM-3:30PM- FISH! (lunch on the boat)

  • 3:30PM-Transported back to the house.

  • 4PM- Farewell Party including traditional New England Lobster dinner

Tuesday, September 20th

  •     Depart- (Must be packed and out of the house by 9:30AM)
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