OffSHORE Fishing -

Full Day (8 Hours) $1300*

FLATS Fishing -

Half DAy (4 Hours) $450

Inshore Fishing -

Half DAy (4 Hours) $650

A half day is great for chasing inshore species- striped bass, bluefish, bonito and false albacore. (Up to 6 PEople)

If you want to chase marlin, tuna and shark, it will take a full day. (Up to 6 People)

​*Fishing more than 8 hours and/or running further offshore than usual are both possible and sometimes recommended, but an extra charge will apply

While the above trips are a good starting point,  when you fish with me I am going to fully customize your trip according to your desires and give you the best shot at good fishing.  We will fish according to tides and conditions, not on a predetermined schedule, and trip lengths can also be adjusted to suit your needs (on and off the water).  Please be in touch and we can figure out the perfect trip for you.

striped bass in shallow water is as good as it gets.  June is Prime Time. (up to 2 People)

Nantucket Island Charter Fishing