PHoto Contest


Every week we will be giving away a prize to the best fishing photo of the week.  There is no set criteria for what makes your fishing photo a winner, but the following factors will be considered:

  • Size of the Fish

    • A 30 pound Striper is a likely winner, a 30 inch Striper better have something else going for it.

  • Rarity

    • First arrivals of the year and generally unusual fish will get extra consideration

  • Quality of the photo

    • It is difficult to catch fish, but now you have to look good doing it, and take an artistic photo too!

  • Conservation and good stewardship

    • Please do not submit dead striped bass or those appearing to be headed that way.  They will not be considered, no exceptions. Other species destined for the table will be considered but conservation will always be considered.

While we will certainly consider the traditional grip and grin shots, we encourage you to be creative!  In fact, you are welcome to submit a cool picture of just fishing, a fish doesn’t even necessarily need to be in the frame.   

To enter your photo, please post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag @nantuckettacklecenter or email it to

By submitting a picture in the contest, you give Nantucket Tackle Center unrestricted rights to use and share your picture. Entries will be judged solely by the staff at Nantucket Tackle. Also by submitting a picture in the contest, you agree to sign up for Nantucket Tackle Center’s weekly newsletter where the winner of each contest will be announced.